Monday, 23 April 2012

Kit Choices For 100 Milers

Which shoes to choose?

The one rule that every ultrarunner learns to stick to, often after a bad and long day on the trails, is to not try anything new on race day. So Western States is exactly two months away today and I realized I needed to make sure everything I want to use there gets well tested and worn in. It also brings home that I only have 61 days left to get in the best shape possible, which seems like hardly anything.

So it's time to try out all those flavors of Clif gels I haven't tried yet (just in case they work better or worse), to wear in the shiny new shoes that I've been saving for the race and to make sure I have everything I think I'll need (anyone got a spare pair of Kilian legs?). It may seem a long time in advance to do this, but this way it's possible to have complete confidence in all the gear I'll take with me.

Made me think there's probably a few other people (approximately 400) who are starting to realize that WS is just around the corner, especially after a scorching weekend all along the west coast. And all those who have other summer target races - they're all very close now so don't leave things to the last minute.

And the obvious way to prepare for those summer mountain run the Eugene Half Marathon on Sunday. Because when Track Town USA is a short drive away it's a waste not to.


  1. I'm one of the other 400 who are working out what I should bring to Squaw Valley...

    I've got two pair of shoes to break in, I figured out basics like shorts and tops, but I'm still wondering what I will give to my (girlfriend) crew, and how many gels to bring with me from AS to AS, if it's worth starting and finishing with two handbottles or if it's better to have a belt and an other hundred circa of questions.

    You have the food/drink/changes/transition already sorted out?



  2. Where was your post on how to train for Western States? I was looking forward to it as a first timer.

  3. Most things are sorted as I know what general things work for me, but the weather affects those choices too...especially the amount of snow ;)

    I'll do a posting on how to train for WS after this year's race as I haven't focused on it fully before, having it as my secondary race after Comrades previously (so more road training than is needed for WS). But after this year I'll write up something as I'm properly training for it so will hopefully have some useful specific tips.

  4. Thanks for the reminder. Not doing WS100 but West Highland Way around the same time.