Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Green Lakes Trail

I've been meaning to run the Green Lakes Trail since I moved back to Bend but somehow missed last summer's window of opportunity. It's a trail close to town that's very famous, even nationally, and starts near Mt Bachelor then heads up between Broken Top and South Sister. The quickest route up is around five miles and plenty of hikers go on this section, but then it's possible to go out as far as you want. That includes summiting or circumnavigating several mountains, depending on how much time (and fitness) is available.

Last Sunday I went up there and added on some extra miles to get away from the main tourist sections with Mario Mendoza, fresh off his 3rd place team overall at Trans Rockies Run with Jorge 'Mr Smiley' Maravilla. Unfortunately I had my camera set to the lowest resolution so I'll have to take it out again. Any excuse will do.


  1. Those are some beautiful shots. I've never been on the trail, but it's a destination.

  2. Phillip, it's just a point and click Panasonic from a few years ago. Great camera but these were just low res pictures unfortunately.

  3. Just wondered if you were concerned about carrying the extra weight on longer runs. Thanks for showing us these great views!