Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year, New Sponsors

2013 should be a lot of fun for me with races like the Fuego y Agua 100k in Nicaragua (with a star-studded field), the Jungle Ultra in Peru (this is why I run ultras!) and the Grand Slam. So I'm very fortunate to have some great companies to support me through the year who are all dedicated to making the best products without compromising on the details.

Scott Sports - these guys are really breaking into running in a big way with ultra legend, Scott McCoubrey, knowing exactly what a great pair of shoes requires. And with the likes of Marco De Gasperi and Sage Canaday on the team, I know I've joined some ridiculously good runners who'll be creating headlines throughout the year.

Clif Bar - great organic race food from a company I hugely respect for their attitude to the community and to everyone they deal with. It helps that their food tastes good too.

Julbo Sunglasses - I'm loving the pairs of glasses I've already tried out (which is a good selection of their running offerings) but most races recently I've worn the Dust shades which are also great for trail running, especially with the Zebra lenses that change based on the amount of light.

Drymax Socks - the best in the business and certainly the best I've ever had for avoiding blisters. I always used to think socks didn't matter but since I moved up to 100-milers I'm feeling the benefits of wearing socks that leave my feet in good condition at the end of a race. The Max Pro Trail is perfect for any trail race and the Max Pro is the comfiest sock I've ever worn and is my go-to for road races.

UltrAspire Hydration - under the guidance of Bryce Thatcher, Krissy Moehl and others UltrAspire is making the best possible hydration packs and handhelds for ultrarunning, not just the mass market.

Dave's Killer Bread - great quality bread from Oregon that seems to be very popular with the ultra community over here. If you can find it where you live, try it out.


  1. Watch out for SCOTT this year. I hear McCoubrey is signing Killian and Anton next;) It will be cool to have a traveling team at some of the bigger races. We should do a team winter training camp some place warm before WS. My trails will be frozen until July.

  2. No North Face in 2013?! Wow. Congrats on new sponsors for a new year.