Upcoming Events


Aug 2-3 - Cascade Lakes Relay, OR
Aug 10 - Haulin' Aspen Marathon, OR
Aug 30 - UTMB, France/Italy/Switzerland
Dec 7? - Daytona 100, FL??? TBC


  1. Wow, what a busy calendar, Ian, quite a few racing miles all over the World! All the best for much fun and success. (PS: no Miwok hill training for you in May, really?)

  2. Jean, lots of races but only a few are goal races - RR100, Comrades, WS100 and Leadville 100 with the option of Desert Solstice if I feel good after all that. The marathons are just training runs to stop me slowing down through the year :)

    1. Your calendar update above doesn't have RR100, but your reply to Jean here does. Are you doing RR again? Defend the crown!

    2. Larry, this is a static page on the blog, not a post, so it includes comments from years ago too. No RR100 for me for a while (never say never!).

  3. Some line up there Ian. Like to see you at Desert Solstice!

  4. A dream list! I'll see you at Boston/Big Sur. Someday I would love to tag along to Comrades.

  5. Hi Ian,
    I came across your blog by looking for a Mount Diablo trail race I need to get in as a training run before a marathon I signed in Switzerland this coming September: Jungfrau Marathon.
    I started to read about you and your running and got really into your writing and all you have achieved so far (congrats on that). I also started to research if you have posted something about how to prepare for marathons in high altitude, but could not find much information. I wish I had money to use your couching services. I am mainly a road marathoner, but I used trail races as training runs, so I am very familiar with them.
    Since I live in California (as far as I can tell, probably near you), there are not that many places that I could practice high altitude besides Tahoe and is a bit far and inconvenient for me.
    Would you mind recommending me a book, an article or just giving me some tips on how to prepare for a high altitude race running at no altitude? My goal is to run by effort and to get to the starting line as fit as possible.
    Any thoughts are very much appreciated.
    Happy running!

  6. Come check out Running with the Bears!! We know it's the same weekend in 2016 in Leadville, but do they offer a post-race hoedown? Or the real possibility of running into a bear at mile 23 (like last year's winner...)?? www.RunningwiththeBears.Org This small town race offers big adventure with ALL proceeds to Charity. Hope to see you there! Josie

  7. Can't wait to see what you do at Brazos Bend.