Friday, 18 December 2009

Stupid injury but great 2009

Looks like I've been over-doing it as my right ITB band is playing up. At least all the major races went well in 2009 and I'm not having to miss anything (yet). I'm hoping a week off and massage will fix it but it's frustrating to not be running, especially in the run up to the Phoenix marathon in January and my first 100 at Rocky Raccoon in February. Any other recommendations to speed recovery from this?

Merry Christmas and I hope to be back on the trails soon and to try to enjoy time off. But all I see is a 2h30m marathon disappearing from the realms of possibility. Mind you, I probably needed a break anyway. Bring on 2010!


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  2. I'm in the same boat Ian - wrist and ankle both conspiring to keep me from training properly for Paris. I figure a couple of weeks of static bike work, some swimming and running when I feel like it will do me good. Oh and your 2:30... I certainly won't be betting against it!

    Simon F.

  3. Not sure about 2:30. Was always going to be a big ask and a week off running instead of the planned 90 miles could mean disappointment. But does bike training not damage the ITB band still? (I want any excuse to not use the bike as I really don't enjoy it).