Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Fat Ass race in pictures - the Bad Ass 50(ish)k at Smith Rock State Park

What do you get if you mix two male Olympic Trials Marathon qualifiers, several ex-professional (or close to it) skiers, multiple 100 mile/100k/50 mile and other distance wins across two people, a load of other really talented and fun trail runners and me? The answer is the Bad Ass 50(ish)k Fat Ass 'race' near Bend.

For those unfamiliar with the Fat Ass concept, I think it's fair to summarize it as a free, semi-organized trail event, usually 50k, typically in winter and with the aim being to burn off those extra pounds from the Christmas dinner. The one I did was 30 mins drive from Bend and was basically a group of ultrarunners going out for a training run with some people opting for shorter routes. Great views the whole way around of the Cascades as well as the famous climbing area of Smith Rock.

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  1. Go Rick Santorum! I already gave him some money.

    Thx for the blog posts, they make for some good reading throughout the season.

    Godspeed on your races.