Wednesday, 4 January 2012

What races are exciting people for 2012?

From a small sample in a poll on my blog for the past week, it looks like most people who voted aren't all that excited about the biggest ultras in the world, possibly because they aren't doing them...I doubt many who got into Western States in the lottery aren't overly excited about it. But in general WS still seems to be capturing the attention of the (mainly US-based) people who occasionally flick through my blog. I wonder if this would be different in a year's time after some of the newer races have become more established.

Anyway, here are the non-indicative results.

17% Western States 100
10% Steamboat (Run, Rabbit, Run) 100
 7% UTMB
 7% Comrades
 3% UROC 100k
 3% TNF Endurance Challenge San Francisco
50% Something else

(doesn't add to 100% due to rounding)


  1. Hi Ian. I think a lot of "others" is due to the hardrock oversight. I would have voted for that if it was in the list. First year in its history that you have more than 2 genuine contenders and I'm psyched at seing just how good the skaggs record is!

  2. I voted for "something else" and was thinking the same thing as Richard. Hardrock looks to be very interesting this year with Meltzer, Koerner, Dakota, Roes, and possibly Krupicka.

  3. I forgot about Hardrock. It'll certainly be the best field ever there for the men. Not sure who's in for the women.