Friday, 21 October 2011

Coaching website now up and running

Clearly this mountain symbolizes achievement, but even if it doesn't, it's very pretty.

I've finally gotten around to creating a site with info about the coaching services I offer. So if you're interested in moving up to a greater distance, whether it be marathons or ultras, or just want to improve then let me help you achieve your goals.

I started off as a 3:40 marathoner back in 2005 but have had a steady progression to take over an hour off that time and to run the fastest 100-mile trail time in the US ever, so the only limits on what you can achieve are what you place on yourself.

Improvement comes from intelligent training and the runners at the front of the pack are generally the ones who train in the smartest way. It's not just down to genetics, although that obviously helps. I firmly believe that most people are a long way from their running potential.

Click here to find out more.

One extra piece of news that I'll squeeze in here is that I've just joined the Elite Advisory Committee for the Ultra Race of Champions. So I'm really excited to help Gill and Francesca make this into an even more special event after a great first year last month. Press release is here.


  1. Good stuff man. Somebody can learn a lot from you... just from the time we spent running together and chatting after UROC, you seem to have a solid approach to running.

  2. Good luck with it!:) Would have loved to get some tips and a training plan but unfortunately don't have the funds at the moment.