Thursday 26 January 2012

First episode of the new Talk Ultra Podcast out now

The last few weeks and months have had some frenzied activity behind the scenes with the help of the Marathon Talk podcast team of Martin Yelling and Tom Williams. Ian Corless, a coach/ultrarunner/cyclist/triathlete, and myself have been creating a new podcast show focused on global ultrarunning - Talk Ultra. It comes out on Friday, 27th January officially but is available now (see the bottom of this post).

We'll be chatting about news, results and anything ultra-related as well as interviews, competitions and more. The first big interview is with Salomon athlete Ryan Sandes who won Leadville 100 last year and is known for winning the Racing The Planet series of multi-stage desert races. Each show we'll also have a chat with Karl Meltzer  and getting his views on what's 'Good, Bad and Ugly' in the ultra world.

Hope you like it and we hope to really build on this start to create a must-listen-to show. All I need to do is stop describing things as 'interesting'...

We have a competition to win a pair of Hokas, so if you want to win, post a photo with your name on our Facebook page and the best photo will win in a few weeks. You can also follow us for news and info about ultras in general on Twitter with @TalkUltra


The show can also be listened too directly here or subscribed to on itunes. Shows will be every two weeks although with time that may change.

Upcoming interviews include Gordy Ainsleigh (accidental inventor of the Western States 100), Anna 'Frosty' Frost (double winner of The North Face Endurance Challenge Championship in San Francisco) and David Horton (legendary ultrarunner and one of 10 finishers ever at The Barkley Marathon, possibly the hardest 100 mile race in the really).


  1. Just finished listening to the first episode. Excellently done. Great content.

    I hesitate to mention this because I do think the content is great, but ... the background music during the Ryan interview was a bit distracting ... and I am not sure if the stereo nature of some of the interviews (one person in one ear, other person in the other year) is best.

    But again - great stuff!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. It's all appreciated and we're keen to improve in any way we can.

  3. I heard about your podcast from Liza Howard's blog post a few days ago. I'm a big fan of Ultra Runner Podcast and I'm thrilled that you're doing one as well. YAAAAYYYYYY!!

  4. The podcast was great. Took it on a run with me tonight and really enjoyed it. Liked the interview with Ryan and enjoyed all the other segments as well. Looking forward to the next one already.

  5. An absolute treat for any ultra runner. Thanks for making that podcast!
    I did not mind that background music because sometimes the background atmosphere of an interview can be very dry.

    Anyway. More of this!!!

  6. GZ's comment explains to me why I could only hear part of one of the interviews - only one of my headphones' earpieces work. Which made for an interesting 10 minutes of my run the other day - Ian talking to himself!

  7. Will be listening to this in a few. Always nice to have a new podcast in the mix. Thanks Ian.

  8. Love, love the new podcast. I have to echo the sentiments of the previous commentator though. Having it in stereo isn't the best, BECAUSE... a lot of people are usually running when they listen to a running podcast and in order to be safe a runner should have only one earbud in when running in order to be aware of their surroundings. So, essentially those of us trying to be safe will only hear half the podcast.

  9. We should have the stereo thing fixed for the next show. Definitely a learning curve with podcasting but glad the show's going down well.