Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How Do You Know If You're A Run Bum?

Looking back over the last 18 months I couldn't help but note the contrast between my former corporate lifestyle in London/San Jose as an economist and the run-focused life I now lead. It crossed my mind I may have become a run bum. By that I mean the running equivalent of a ski bum.

So I thought I'd list out the attributes of a run bum. If you have more than a few of these then you're probably one too.

Attributes of a Run Bum:

1. Did you pick your current location at least half based on how good a place it is to run?
- Yes, Bend, OR, largely appeals due to the trails and running community.

Deschutes River Trail, just by my house

2. Did you give up a well-paying job or university to run more?
- Ok, that is kind of hippy-like and I did. But what's the point of a career you don't care about?

3. Do you train every day? Often more than once?
- Yes, but so do lots of athletes with normal jobs.

4. Do at least three quarters of long distance trips involve a race or the main reason being running?
- I'd guess 95%

5. Do you have a beard?
- Well I haven't shaved for a couple of days but I'm safe on this one.

6. Do you have hair on your legs?
- Yes, otherwise I'd be a triathlete bum.

7. Do you describe a marathon as 'speed work' or, at the least, not consider it a big deal?
- Kind of both, but I do like them.

8. Are some of the most frequent questions you answer along the lines of 'don't you wreck your knees?' or 'how many days/stages do you do that race over?'
- Aha! No...because most of the people I talk to are runners...

9. Are most of your friends runners, especially extreme/ultra/fast ones?
- Almost got away with #8 there...

10. If you're male, do you weight less than most 10-year old girls and if you're female do you have issues with wind blowing you away?
- I'd say I'm closer to a 14-year old girl's weight.

11. Do you sleep in your car a lot before races or long runs?
- Only the night before a race and I'd probably do that up at trails even if I was a millionaire.

12. Do you have more shoes than your wife/girlfriend (male only question)?
- Yes, by far.

13. Is running or running-related work your main/only source of income?
- OK, lucky number 13 is the decider and ultra coaching provides my main income.

So I suppose that makes me a run bum, although I'm very happy to be called that given what it entails.

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