Sunday, 11 November 2012

Smith Rock Snowy Running

Monkey Face (yes, it does)

Several of the posts I've done recently have virtually been Tourist Board ads for Central Oregon, but I'm going to do it again and include photos of today's run at Smith Rock State Park, a world-renowned climbing spot (not that I've climbed there yet...the running's too good). Zach Violett and Steph Howe joined me for some TNF50 training, while it was my last long run before JFK50 in six days.

There's been a dusting of snow recently which made some of the low peaks look so much more impressive. And the mountains on the horizon seem larger and more daunting thanks to their white frosting. Much more spectacular and beautiful too.

Steph striding to the top of the peak after Burma Road

Zach at the same spot

Looking down at Smith Rock and the Cascades in the background

Heading towards Gray Butte

Had to get myself in one shot - Smith Rock below

View from the top of Gray Butte

Mt Jefferson in the distance

Most of the Oregon Cascades on the horizon

Top of Gray Butte

Heading back to Smith Rock

Switchbacks I'd somehow never seen before

Back on top of Smith Rock

Gray Butte in the middle of the photo

Smith Rock

Burma Road switchbacks

Smith Rock and Burma Road in the distance

Climbers on Smith Rock

A good place to run...


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  2. Awesome pictures! I love the scenery in Oregon. I used to live not too far from Smith Rock State Park, in Stayton, OR. I'm glad I'm not there now for the snow :-P, but I definitely miss the summers.

    Thanks for the post Ian!

  3. Sweet! I am coming over soon to run w/ you.... Thanks!