Monday, 8 April 2013

Last Days in Oregon (For Now)

With only one week left for me before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area I've been trying to fit in the best of what I can on the trails at this time of year. Sadly the mountains are still in ski mode so Smith Rock's the best bet, plus the trail running season just kicked off in Bend with the Horse Butte 10-miler.

After getting destroyed on the climbs on recent training runs and at Gorge Waterfalls 50k last weekend I've been including more uphill speed sessions which left me exhausted on the minor climbs at Horse Butte. It's worthwhile and I'm very glad I could fit this race in, especially since I was able to go a few seconds quicker than last year despite really windy conditions. Hopefully faster times at both this and Gorge Waterfalls are a reflection of better fitness than the same time last year.

Anyway, more photos of Smith Rock are below. I've been making sure I have plenty of these in case I don't come back for a while. And full results from the 10-miler are here.

Gray Butte

My father-in-law, Clint Andring, with Monkey Face in the background

Monkey Face from afar

Monkey Face from the angle that shows why it has that name

Clint on top of Smith Rock

Cheesy grinning on top of the Rock


  1. Ian, looking forward to you joining us in the Bay Area! While not necessarily as rugged and remote as Oregon we have plenty of trails to keep you occupied! :-)

  2. Hey ian you should get on strava! I'm on there and so is sage canaday. Strava is a huge motivator and San Francisco has a huge running community!