Monday 23 June 2014

Welcoming Ellie Greenwood to the Sharman Ultra Coaching Team

Ellie winning Comrades 2014. Copyright MMPhotoSA

I'm really excited to announce that Ellie Greenwood is joining the Sharman Ultra Endurance Coaching team. Ellie needs no introduction as a runner, having won almost everything out there, including Comrades and Western States. Her focused training and smart race tactics make her almost unbeatable in races, while her smiley demeanor is legendary. So now she can pass on that experience to others to allow people to maximize their running potential, however an individual chooses to define that.

As well as her stellar personal achievements, Ellie has given numerous talks to runners and has the USATF Fundamentals of Coaching qualification. Ellie uses the philosophies and tried-and-tested methods I've developed through Sharman Ultra to provide the best advice and highest levels of personal contact in the online coaching business.

In honor of Ellie joining the team, Sharman Ultra also has a new website, so check it out at

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