Friday, 4 November 2011

New coaching website

I'm sure anyone reading this will be literally bursting with excitement at the thought of me making my blog-style coaching website into a proper website, but I did it anyway. Very interesting from my perspective learning a bit about websites, so here's the finished product.

I'm now coaching people across four continents so if you're a current or aspiring marathoner or ultrarunner who wants to improve and learn more, contact me soon if you're interested before I run out of spots.

You could even buy a coaching plan for a Christmas gift for that special runner in your life (do I sound like an ad man or even worse?).


  1. New site is sharp, Ian. Look forward to meeting you at the Stinson Beach 50k on the 12th.

  2. Not running Stinson this year unfortunately, but it's a fun race.

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