Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mountains and Colorado

I just came back from my first trip to Colorado and was lucky to meet up briefly with two of the most iconic ultrarunners around today (I'm sure that would make them blush if they saw it), Scott Jurek and Geoff Roes. And if that isn't enough, I also had the UROC 100k RDs, Gill and Frannie (also very accomplished ultrarunners) to run with. These guys showed me some of the trails near Boulder, the mountain ultra hub, including going up Green Mountain and another run up along Eldorado Canyon to the Walker Ranch Loop.

Above Eldorado Canyon, CO

As above

And again

Heading up out of Boulder (L-R: Geoff, Gill, Frannie)

One climb done, heading up Green Mt next (L-R: Scott, Gill, Frannie and Geoff)

Halfway up Green Mt, CO

Gill at the top of Green Mt

Scott on the top of Green Mt with a decent view of multiple 14ers

Imagine that on your doorstep, right by Boulder

Gill and Scott on Green Mt

UROCers heading back down Green Mt

Anyway, I had a blast even though I struggled to keep up in their home territory. I can see why so many fast runners live around the area and how they get so good at running in the mountains - if I had that on my doorstep I'd be out there most days too. Luckily I now have Bend's mountains so I can do my own smaller version with less altitude but still with some 3,000ft+ climbs straight up. Speaking of which, I went up Mt Bachelor twice a few days before the trip to Colorado before the first snowfall of the year, which felt tough (2,700ft in about 2 miles, peaking at 9,100ft).

I also love fast running and roads, but being out in these kinds of places with such genuinely friendly and relaxed company is just plain inspiring. Bring on the snow and the snow shoes!

The photos below are around Bend, mainly from the hikes up Bachelor last week.


  1. Beautiful shots! Hope to get out on the trails w/ ya soon man :)

  2. Beats the hell out of our 1k elevation San Antonio views!

  3. WoW!!!! Amazing views and no wonder they are amazingly fast and strong!!

  4. What is that pointy peak in the last shot? All stunning stuff.

  5. Oli - Mt Jefferson. It's the best looking mountain I've seen on the west coast and I'll get up there next summer as it's only an hour or two away.

  6. awesome views! and to top it running with Scott and Geoff... definitely inspiring!

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